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So you’ve taken a band of 20-somethings under your wing, nursed their hangovers, resolved their fights, listened to their woes. You’ve taken them from the early days of bar gigs, to opening for headliners at MSG. You’ve invested years of hard work. You’ve even gotten them a record deal, for gods’ sake. And they show their gratitude by:

- breaking up

- getting into drugs

- writing crappy songs

- all of the above

Well, you never can tell what success will do to people, but Shoot The Messenger has never missed a gig in 5+ years of professional performance. And people are shocked to discover we hardly drink at all. We are reliable. Consistent. Ready for The Deal. (And easy on the eyes, too.)

I keep writing & producing songs that consistently win awards (Billboard, Great American Song Contest, American Songwriter Magzine et. al.), while you keep surfing the ‘net, looking for The Perfect Act to promote.

Well your search is over, brother/sister.

Why Should You Take A Chance On Us?

Shoot The Messenger has been performing in clubs around New York, and national festivals since 2004. Some artists are brilliant in the studio, but get stage fright, or otherwise can’t perform. Through theatre improv classes (Rob), many gigs, and many hours of jamming since they met in 1998, Rob & Tom have developed into rock solid performers. There’s little we can’t handle on stage.

LIke the time onstage at CBGB, July 5, 2006, Rob broke a string in the middle of his guitar solo on ‘Alive.’ No problem: he completes the solo after hearing how playing one fret lower compensates for the extra string tension. Without missing a beat; well, ok, maybe a few beats.

How To Build Performance Chops: Play to Big-Screen TVs

Our performance history started at the Tuesday Open Mic Night at the Paris Bar & Grill, by the South Street Seaport. Host Fun Bobby invited us one night, and we kept coming back for about a year. He took a liking to us (me, Tom, & Howard, our first bass player), and our music, and gave us extra time. We had about 3 original songs then, including an early version of ‘This Is Why Life Sucks,’ and some covers.

Now, The Paris is about as tough as you can get gig-wise: you’re playing in the bar, near the door, competing with two huge, theatre-style screens onto which they’re always projecting some Ball Game. Some nights, we performed to a near-empty room.

On one such night, a woman approached us during a break, and introduced herself as Pam, a former colleague of a booker at The Back Fence named Kato. She enjoyed our set so much that she wrote Kato a referral on the back of her business card, and gave it to us, saying ‘You guys’d be perfect for them!’ A while later, we were playing The Back Fence.

But I digress; the point is: even at that early stage, people dug us enough to stake their reputations.

If You Guys Are So Good, Why Aren’t You Already Famous?

Here are a few answers:

    – Like most artists, we see promotion as a chore, like doing taxes; we’d rather make music.

    - In a sense, we’re getting there, having scored almost two dozen songwriting awards, and being published in an international journal of poetry. All in just 3 years.

Every band you love was unknown at some point. Think U2 in 1981, when they played The Malibu nightclub in Lido Beach, Long Island.

Contact: ShootTheMessenger [at] gmail [dot] com

So, you think you know what to do with a band fronted by an award-winning singer/songwriter?

You think you can take us to The Top: get our songs played on Clear Channel Stations? get us on tours?  position us to win a Grammy? Are you hip to internet promotion & distribution?

If you’ve got the connections, the ethics, and the plan, we’ve got the work ethic, ambition, and talent (though that’s for you to judge).

Email Rob at ShootTheMessenger [at] gmail [dot] com; include some qualifying info, company website, etc.

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